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LMHC, QS; Clinical Director

Rebekah Poston

Specialties: Adolescents, Anxiety, ADHD

I’m a licensed mental health counselor committed to helping children, adolescents, and adults learn how to live healthy lives while discovering who you are.  My work focuses primarily on identifying and targeting ineffective behaviors and habits that no longer serve you and healing the trauma that can cause current symptoms and issues.


Making the decision to start therapy can be scary and overwhelming.  Why come see a counselor?  Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed and you literally can’t even anymore.  Maybe you saw a Tik Tok video that you identify with and you want to explore what’s going on.  Maybe your teen has been closed off and they need someone to talk to that’s not mom or dad.  Maybe you’ve struggled with anxiety for your whole life and you realized that there MUST be a better way.  Maybe your child has meltdowns, tantrums, or behavioral issues, leaving your home and mind in a constant state of chaos.  

My goal is to help our community, one person and family at a time.  I want to help you set and achieve your goals.  I want to help you learn how to relax, and how to feel good about the person that you are.  I want to help you restore peace to your life.  

I got into the counseling field after sorting through a bunch of my own trauma, after realizing the impact that it had on my behavior.  As soon as I was called to counseling, I jumped right in, earning my BA and MA in Psychology and Professional Counseling, respectively, from Liberty University.  I completed my internships in private practice, which gave me the opportunity to work with a wide variety of people and issues.  In addition to educational training, I have extensive training and experience in EMDR, ACT, CBT, play therapy, and Christian counseling.  My overall counseling style is relaxed.  I want you to feel at home in my office, and to have a place where you can be authentically you.  Come grab a cup of coffee or tea, raid the fridge in the waiting room, and let’s get you on your way to being the person that you were made to be.


Current Client: Rebekah is professional, understanding, personable, bubbly and kind - but also very matter a fact when it comes to treatment and tool options. With Rebekah, you can rest assured you're not getting a robot for therapist but you are getting someone that truly cares about mental health of her patients.

Current Client: I grappled with my mental health and past trauma for years until I found Rebekah. She provided every tool I needed to start my tumultuous journey. Those tools, coupled with EMDR have changed my life entirely. Words could never describe how eternally grateful I am for everything she has done for me.

Current Client: Great to work with and place confidence in the process.

Current Client: Mrs. Poston has been a wonderful asset to my mental health.

Current Client: My daughter has been seeing Rebekah for over a year and now I plan on seeing Rebekah for counseling as well. She is a very good listener and gives great advice and suggestions for emotional support

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