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Asked Questions

  • What insurance is accepted?
    Insurance varies by provider. In general, we accept Tricare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Aetna, and private pay. We are out-of-network with other insurance companies and will provide a superbill on request to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.
  • Do you offer sliding scale?
    Yes, we offer a limited number of sliding scale spots based on income.
  • What ages do you see?
    We see ages 3 and up.
  • As a parent, can I be in the room with my child during therapy?
    We LOVE parent involvement at Charis Counseling! While we primarily offer a private and confidential space for your child or teen to learn and grow, we also offer family sessions where you can be in the counseling room with your child. We ensure to meet with parents frequently, because support at home and knowing what skills we are working on in the counseling room is super important to your child’s success!
  • How long is a session?
    Our sessions range from 45 minutes to one hour depending on your needs and circumstances. We start off meeting weekly or biweekly; this is determined collaboratively between therapist and client.
  • Do you work with other professionals?
    Absolutely! This is an important part of preserving continuity of care. We gladly cooperate and communicate with your entire treatment team (with written permission from you) including physicians, psychiatrists, schools, etc.
  • How can I find your office?
    We are located in Navarre in Fox Den Plaza, between "big Walmart" and Navarre United Methodist Church. We are the second unit from the left if you’re facing the building.
  • What can I expect at my first appointment?
    When you enter the building, help yourself to coffee, tea, and/or whatever is in the fridge, and have a seat in the waiting room. Your therapist will get you from there. The first session is a biopsychosocial interview, so we will ask a bunch of questions about what you’ve been experiencing, your medical history, family history, etc. It’s basically a big “getting to know you” session! We will discuss office policies, privacy, confidentiality, and your goals and needs. It is vital that a positive working relationship exists between client and therapy. It’s recommended that you meet 2-3 times with a therapist before deciding if the relationship will continue. The therapist will provide a list of referrals or trusted colleagues if someone else may be better suited for your needs.
  • How do I schedule an appointment?
    Give us a call at (850) 865-5238. First, we will get your information and get you set up as a new client in our online system. Once you complete your paperwork, call or text us and we will get you scheduled for your first appointment.
  • Why is a credit card required?
    We require a credit card on file for all clients; this is non-negotiable. You may still choose to pay by cash or check. All fees, copays, and cost-shares are run automatically by the office on the provided credit or debit card.
  • Why do I have to fill out so much paperwork?!
    We know. It's a lot. We ask for a lot of information upfront for a couple of reasons. First, and most importantly, this saves you and your clinician a WHOLE lot of time in-session. We estimate that we save you 3-4 sessions and hundreds of dollars by doing it this way. Secondly, we believe in thorough assessments. While your doctor might run lab work to see what's causing your symptoms, we have to ask questions to do the same thing. Finally, for our patients that are using insurance benefits to pay for sessions, much of the paperwork is required by your insurance company.
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